Vanquish Story Review

Vanquish is a game that clearly aims to impress with its gameplay rather than an elaborate story. Nobody will finish Vanquish and think to themselves, “wow, what a story!”. Regardless, I am left with the impression that it is a story filled with flaws and two-dimensional characters, but flaws that can be forgiven and characters that we still end up liking.

The characters and story is reminiscent of the cheesiest Metal Gear has to offer. It’s soldiers are overly gruff and manly while every action is over the top JRPG style. The insane Gameplay only reinforces this idea and no matter how cheesy, it’s somehow endearing.

The voice actors are great despite the stereotypical space marine persona’s and the music is fitting but not exceptional. The visuals were spot on with a unique style that made it easy to imagine the atmosphere and characters existing within that world.

All in all it’s an enjoyable story that can’t be taken too seriously. Take it for what it is, a JRPG interpretation of what the offspring of Mass Effect, Gears of War and Metal Gear would be. It keeps you invested and does a decent job rewarding you with some great moments. That being said, at no point did I feel emotionally attached to the story or characters. Sure they were likeable and quite awesome, but they were too shallow to care for. All in all, an enjoyable romp that I don’t regret experiencing.

Plot: 1 yarn

Characters: 1 yarn1 yarn1 yarn

Emotional Attachment: 1 yarn




Ratings are out of 5 yarns and the Overall is not an average.


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