Darksiders Review

Darksiders Cover

Darksiders is a game that struggles to find its identity. Its gameplay, visuals, audio, and even story share too many similarities to God of War. That being said, the story differentiates itself from God of War simply through rewarding narrative and some great characters. The characters have great personalities that make you care just a little bit more about what’s going on in the game. It also helps that some of the voices were done quite well, including War and The Watcher’s(the second of which was done by Mark Hamill). The backstory to those characters is sadly scarce throughout the game.

Though the Angels vs. Demons bit has been done to death, the inclusion of the Council and the Horsemen does make things a little interesting. Playing as a Horsemen of the Apocalypse also brings with it a feeling of being a complete Badass. Fortunately War feels like a more interesting character when compared to Kratos which helps maintain interest in his fate.

The visuals and audio feel far too familiar to God of War to truly impress. Perhaps the game is more colourful in areas, but it doesn’t convey any real tone nor does it add anything to the story.

Samael War Darksiders

Probably the biggest storytelling difference between Darksiders and God of War is that God of War did not reward the player with storytelling at a constant pace. Instead, it kept most of the important storytelling for the end, which was unfortunate. In Darksiders case, the story developed at a more consistent rate, making playing the game feel like more of a natural progression of the story.

While the story can’t be considered terribly original, it is still told thoughtfully and consists of great characters and voice actors. Simply put, the story in Darksiders manages to satisfy in the end.

Plot: 1 yarn1 yarn

Characters: 1 yarn1 yarn1 yarn

Emotional Attachment: 1 yarn1 yarn1 yarn



Overall:1 yarn

Ratings are out of 5 yarns and the Overall is not an average.


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